I developed a sound that sounded underground.
It sounded extra loud, but it really wasn't.
And I took it straight to the major labels.
And said here it is. What you've been waiting for

They gobbled it up
said enough, enough
we wanna book you all around the country
And tell me son. Where did you come from?
And why do you look so lonely?

You know you must have friends
and you must have fans
Why do you look so sad?
I said, I tried and tried
and sometimes I lied
But people always pushed me around
And since the indie kids didn't like my shit
I came straight to the big guys

He said, that's all well and good
We've got the money in the bank
How does one million dollars sound?
We think you can be a tank
And I said, oh, well thanks. Where do I sign?
On the dotted line, but first a couple more questions
Do you have your soul? A slippery label? What are we up against here?
I fell to the ground. Lost it right there. Told him everything.
He said, son that's a shame. It really is.
But that's one of the things about the biz.
We understand you don't have your soul
we wanted that for ourselves
But if this laughing label is what you say
you'll never get paid
I cried into the ground wondered what I should do
Even if my face was on MTV the laughing label would take everything away from me
So I took my songs back home
deleted them from my computer
Said, it was a good try while I lied and told myself everything was gonna be alright


from Indie Rejode And The Keyboards From Mars, released August 12, 2010


all rights reserved



Scott Deadelus Dayton, Ohio

Making music under the guidance of Dr. Clank since 2004.

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