I came out with a new CD
It wasn't how I wanted it to be
Reverb was on everything
I could barely make out my notes
But still I wanted to stay afloat
So I shopped the disc around town
To unfriendly faces with unfriendly frowns
Saddened I began to mope
The major labels thought I was a joke
The indie labels were my only hope
And that's when I saw it
as if it had been there long before
The dragon building breathing fire
Claiming it could cure my ills
without any booze or pills
But they demanded some heavy things
Like my soul and my musical brains
They said I really had no choice
So I simply said okay
I signed over my soul
and I started to do the stroll
As the breathing building laughed
And laughed
and laughed
and laughed


from Indie Rejode And The Keyboards From Mars, released August 12, 2010


all rights reserved



Scott Deadelus Dayton, Ohio

Making music under the guidance of Dr. Clank since 2004.

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