The Canonization

from by Scott Deadelus



I could try to trick you with my wit
Say even the heavens aren't fit for our love
But instead I just sit
cause I can't lie about that stuff
I could tell you you're my reason to live
that I'll never take and always give
But instead I just sit
because I can't tell a lie

I could say we will live forever
but we die just the same
as all the priests, the soldiers, and the politicians
in their ashes, their pyres, and on their missions
And the fires grow and they can't stop it
And nobody knows who started it
They're dying
Their funeral pyres are burning

They don't try
and the fire gets bigger
They don't try
and the bombs get bigger
They don't try
everything gets worse
They don't try
and they end up in a hearse

Like me and you
We're gonna die too


from Palindrome Pop, released August 1, 2009


all rights reserved



Scott Deadelus Dayton, Ohio

Making music under the guidance of Dr. Clank since 2004.

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