Sell Yer Dreams

from by Scott Deadelus



Some days I think things must be great
and the way the clouds move so slow
it must be wonderful to play a show
just like I used to think when I was 12
But then I remember my hatred for things
and the forces that push on my brain
and prevent me from feeling anything
anything but super fucking lame
And I know my songs must be as bad
as I feel about all the others
and it depresses the hell out of me
and I never want to play a show again

When rich men get fed up
they sell the company
God, I wish I could sell my dream
but dreams are such worthless things
full of nothing but empty promises
and emptiness of the brain
with no real tie to anything

Some days I feel I really have something
like all those confident hopefuls
seeking reality show fame
knowing they are the best
and they swear up and down there is nobody like them
Do they really feel the way they act?
How could I learn to act like that?
Did I used to think in that kind of way?
Visions of greatness with no logic
Feeling original by saying what everyone else says
Why can’t I just sit back and be stoic?

When people tell me I’m great
I store the inflated feelings in jars
To feed my ego on days when I’m lonely
But most the time I just want to smash them
And ignore my inflated self
who thinks he is the ultimate best
God, I wish I could sell my dream
Get money for a worthless thing

And you could sell your dreams
Go into business with me
We could sell our dreams
For all kinds of money
Just think if we could sell our dreams
We could do anything
You and me


from Flarsh, released August 7, 2013


all rights reserved



Scott Deadelus Dayton, Ohio

Making music under the guidance of Dr. Clank since 2004.

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