Milly Citrus

by Scott Deadelus

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released January 9, 2014


all rights reserved



Scott Deadelus Dayton, Ohio

Making music under the guidance of Dr. Clank since 2004.

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Track Name: Oh Miley!
My homework is too hard
so I just watch your videos
My art teacher says you aren't art
but I like when you don't wear any clothes

No matter what the day has done
you can always make me come
No matter what troubles it brings
you are always there to sing to me

I tried all kinds of drugs
Accidentally got a girl pregnant
My parents are blaming you!
What do you think I should do?!

She wouldn't get an abortion
and now I'm a 14 year old dad
Oh things were so much fun
and now my life is turning so sad
Track Name: Listen To Everything!
A little bit about me:
I listen to everything!
The radio is always on
Did you know I have 6 favorite songs?

I bought them all for a dollar each
and I bought the albums too
those were a bit more money
I love supporting artists
They need my parents money more than them

It’s a small price to pay
to watch them on my TV
and on my computer
They’re singing just to me

I once went to a concert
Now that was a lot of money!
And you’ll never even believe
They sounded just like their mp3s!

I listen to everything
Except that and that and that
Who’s that?
What’s that?
I listen to everything!
Track Name: Thank You Macklemore!
I didn’t understand all those guys who like guys
Sometimes I masterbated to girls who like girls on my computer
but in real life I thought they were unfortunate
cause they were gonna burn burn burn in hell

My friends in my feed were always arguing
some said it was okay but not religious people like me
But wow! Macklemore! You did it!
I like fags now!
Oh wow! Macklemore! You did it!
I’m gay now!

You said it was the same love!
And I thought if someone as cool as you could do it
I could do it too!
First I tried it in my mouth
Then I tried it in that other place
Wow, it kinda hurt
But you know, it felt kinda good too

Now my parents say I’ll burn in hell
But oh well!
It’s the same love!
They don’t let me in my church no more
but oh well it’s the same love
My old friends don’t answer their doors
But oh well it’s the same love
And if you must know
I like this one much better!

Oh now my parents say I’ll burn in hell
But oh well! It’s the same love
Some politicians say I’ll burn in hell but oh well
it’s the same love
The youth group leaders say I’ll burn in hell but oh well
it’s the same love
America is gonna burn in hell anyway
Track Name: Shoot Up The Town!
There ain’t nothin here for me
My parents don’t understand me
My classmates don’t either
My teachers think I’m nuts
I thought about killing myself
With one of my dad’s guns
But that just doesn’t seem like fun
A dull end to a dull life

I know it’s not original or anything
But I started making bombs
And collecting guns
You know, just waiting for the right moment

When the time is right
It’s gonna be big
The biggest one yet
I’m gonna blow up the school
Shoot up the mall
God, as far as this town’s concerned
There’s gonna be no one left at all

Gonna shoot up the town tonight