Indie Rejode And The Keyboards From Mars

by Scott Deadelus

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released August 12, 2010


all rights reserved



Scott Deadelus Dayton, Ohio

Making music under the guidance of Dr. Clank since 2004.

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Track Name: Weird
I never wanted to be weird
I just am
But I wish I could be normal
when the sun comes out tomorrow
Or maybe tonight
I wish the sun would come out tonight
Track Name: The Disappearing Venue
I saw THE band play a show and everyone was there you know?
They screamed on stage
They barely played
But everyone loved it just the same
as if they were great
As if they made no mistakes
I knew I just had to play at the same place
But when they booked me a show
on my night the building was suddenly gone
Track Name: The Evil Producer
He came into imaginary Studio C
He said he was looking for me
He said he wanted to put more reverb on everything
I said no anything but more reverb
He said my tracks were all wrong
Some were too short and others were too long
My tracks to him had a terrible glow
He asked me what I wanted out of music
I said, I don't know
He said, I'll torture you til you find out
Reverb is what it's all about
His glowed red
He laughed instead
And muted my guitar
He pulled out a knife
Threatened my life
He took it all too far
Track Name: The Laughing Label
I came out with a new CD
It wasn't how I wanted it to be
Reverb was on everything
I could barely make out my notes
But still I wanted to stay afloat
So I shopped the disc around town
To unfriendly faces with unfriendly frowns
Saddened I began to mope
The major labels thought I was a joke
The indie labels were my only hope
And that's when I saw it
as if it had been there long before
The dragon building breathing fire
Claiming it could cure my ills
without any booze or pills
But they demanded some heavy things
Like my soul and my musical brains
They said I really had no choice
So I simply said okay
I signed over my soul
and I started to do the stroll
As the breathing building laughed
And laughed
and laughed
and laughed
Track Name: No Soul, No Label, No Venue (No Fun)
The laughing label dropped me
but they kept ahold of my soul
Some loophole in the writing
meant I would be forever fighting
And with venues disappearing
or denying me the chance to play
I had to pretend I wasn't fearing
but I was running out of things to say
But I said them anyway
I played guitar in my room
I slept all through the day
and recorded on my Zoom
Track Name: The DIY Bug
It flew around and landed on me
Said what are you doing trying to be indie?
Everyone knows indie is the new mainstream
You gotta have street creed
and you gotta do it right
Nobody these days turn indie overnight
You gotta be DIY
You gotta play at places that suck
Others that look like junk
It's the only places real kids will listen to your stuff
You gotta make your own CDs and give away MP3s
Give everything you have
You don't have to do it good
Oh, it can be real bad
but it's your neighborhood!
Track Name: Becoming A Hipster Musician
I will move to San Francisco. No, better yet I will move to Brooklyn, New York. And I will start a club without a license. No, I will become friends with a guy who owns a club without a license. And I will start a band. No, I will play by myself. I will buy a Casio keyboard on eBay and I will plug it into a pedal that makes random sounds and I will pretend like I'm controlling it.
The people in the audience will think I'm real far out. And after the show, a pretty hipster will come up and ask me if I want to stay at her place tonight.
And then I'll know that I've finally made it. I will be stoned or drunk at all times. I will grow a beard and wear big glasses. No, I will shave my beard and get contacts. No, I will be clean shaven and wear glasses. No, I will get contacts and wear glasses without the lenses. That way, I can decide whether or not I want to wear glasses once I'm already out. And I will carry a fake beard in my back pocket just in case.
Track Name: DIY til i DIE
I'm so do it yourself baby
that I don't need a drummer
No I don't need a backing band
Well I've got two hands and a voice on my head
It won't mess up my plans if a bandmate is dead

I'm so do it yourself baby
that I don't need a studio
and I don't need a label
Now, I'll just play at clubs
that are barely set up
drink and do lots of drugs
until I throw up

I'm so do it yourself baby
that I don't need a girlfriend
No, I'll just masterbate all night
Yeah, I'll get it right
Oh, we'll never fight
Oh, I've seen the light
Yeah right!
Track Name: Sick Of It All
Well I got kind of sick of everything
Don't you know that quick horrible feeling?
And I didn't know what to do
I tried being in bands, making plans
doing all those things that musicians do
Oh, why couldn't I have been born famous?
Oh, why do I have to go through this?
Do I do it all to myself?
Do I have anything to sell?
Or am I just wasting my time all the time?
Track Name: The Sell Out
I developed a sound that sounded underground.
It sounded extra loud, but it really wasn't.
And I took it straight to the major labels.
And said here it is. What you've been waiting for

They gobbled it up
said enough, enough
we wanna book you all around the country
And tell me son. Where did you come from?
And why do you look so lonely?

You know you must have friends
and you must have fans
Why do you look so sad?
I said, I tried and tried
and sometimes I lied
But people always pushed me around
And since the indie kids didn't like my shit
I came straight to the big guys

He said, that's all well and good
We've got the money in the bank
How does one million dollars sound?
We think you can be a tank
And I said, oh, well thanks. Where do I sign?
On the dotted line, but first a couple more questions
Do you have your soul? A slippery label? What are we up against here?
I fell to the ground. Lost it right there. Told him everything.
He said, son that's a shame. It really is.
But that's one of the things about the biz.
We understand you don't have your soul
we wanted that for ourselves
But if this laughing label is what you say
you'll never get paid
I cried into the ground wondered what I should do
Even if my face was on MTV the laughing label would take everything away from me
So I took my songs back home
deleted them from my computer
Said, it was a good try while I lied and told myself everything was gonna be alright
Track Name: The Name Change
I changed my name
Got a real job
I was sick of living life as a slob
I ignored beats and musical notes
I thought life was a horrible joke
But then one day I couldn't ignore it anymore
That ugly, inciting musical urge
I would use a new name on a new label
No one would ever have to know that I was the young man without a soul
Track Name: Indie Rejode (Rock and Roll Star)
I am an indie boy and you are an indie girl
And we could be an indie couple if you would only ask me out
And we could go to parks together
We could ride bikes together
We could hangout whenever
We could do whatever

But I think you are silly for liking music like you do
But you are so pretty, so I pretend I like it too
And I'll get famous after a couple of years
Then all the indie kids will hate me, but I'll have plenty of money

Then I'll get rid of you
Yeah, I'll get rid of you
I'll have no more time for you
cause that's what rock and rollers do
I'll be a rock and roll star for you!
Track Name: Easy Songs
I wrote songs about kids
Songs about girls
Songs about things that everybody knows
Songs about love
Songs about oppression
Songs about parents and teenage obsessions
Track Name: Virginia
You're named after a state
Wouldn't it be great if we could live in the same state?
But you live so far away
Nights they turn to day
and I wonder what will you say?
Tonight when we talk online
Well wouldn't it be nice if we were always together?
Tonight it would be alright
I would feel so alive if we shared the same weather
Track Name: Hit Song
You never touched a guitar
but you know it can't be too hard
And you do and then you write a hit song
Yeah you write a hit song

You never knew the things you might do
But you saw them over there and said woo, I could write a hit song too
And then you write a hit song

Cause it's never been so easy
Life, recording like the Beatles
And though it doesn't rhyme none
It can still be a hit song

And when it gets back to the slow part
you'll forget where your fingers go
And you'll have to start all over
and rethink your hit song
Track Name: Waiting
I sent it out
I played some shows
I thought I'd be on top after a couple more
But the phone calls never came
and I started to go insane
I banged my head against the wall
Sat there and waited some more
And thought, why can't things ever be easy?
Track Name: Total Failure
And just like old times
My music and my rhymes
Got me nothing but wasted time

No record deal
No soul to sell
No teenage fans

So I went back to the drawing room
Wished I wasn't a soulless hack
But like a man who lands on the moon
I knew I would always try to come back