Dr. Clank And The Alternating Track List

by Scott Deadelus



released June 29, 2006


all rights reserved



Scott Deadelus Dayton, Ohio

Making music under the guidance of Dr. Clank since 2004.

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Track Name: Hey!
Welcome to the boring town
where it rains all day
and never makes a sound

I thought you might like me
throwing thunder and lightning
it's my new found power
I thought I might bring some noise to this town
we've all been sitting around
for so long

Welcome to the universe
that expands forever
into nothing

Thought maybe we could expand too
There has to be something new
There has to be something to do
Just pick a cause and die young
Life's just not life when you're not young
Just take a look at everyone
Track Name: Super Electric
They say you are electric
Why do they eat you for breakfast?
They say you are eclectic
They say you say we should think less
They say you are hectic
Why do you make everything a mess?

I want to be an electronic bee
I want to buzz like a heater warming up

I wish you were electric
Wish I could take you for breakfast
I wish you were eclectic
I wish you had it all figured out
But things are always hectic
Like the ruler going metric

I want to be an electronic bee
I want to fly on battery operated wings
Track Name: Kids
they're only kids
They could lose all this
and they wouldn't be missed
they're searching for something
They'll probably never find it
but they'll forget why they were looking

You could move around
city to city
You can be in so many places at once
Even when you're beyond human
You still won't have that something

they're only adults
They're just kids grown up
but height and hair isn't much
Everything is wasted
when our needs are created
in a big factory

You could move around
city to city
You can try to find a new home
But boredom will always follow you
No matter how far you go

And it's a big world
but it always gets smaller
It's not your world
unless you get taller
Track Name: Plastic Gun
She's a porcupine
You have to pet her the right way
or you're gonna bleed boy

Well she sure ain't mine
I wish it all of the time
but I don't pet anything right

She's a good time
She's a lemon lime
She's always changing her mind

Well she sure ain't mine
I wish it all of the time
But I don't do anything right

Well she's a roller coaster
If you play it safe
and don't get scared
You're bound to get the most of her

Well she sure ain't mine
There's just too long of a line
And I don't stand for anything

Well she's a plastic gun
She plays it off like she's the one
But she's really just a plastic gun

Well she's a plastic gun
You can't shoot anyone
With a plastic gun

I need a real gun
I'm gonna kill everyone
With a real gun
Track Name: I've Got A
I've got a blanket a sheet
I've got an army a fleet
I've got the kids in the street
Lined up to buy a CD
I've got a crown on my head
I've got a voice in my head
I've got a girl in my bed
But it's all in my head

I've got a whole lot of nothing
I've gotta turn it into something
For now I'll hang my head in shame
Only me and Dr. Wilde are to blame

I've got a synthesizer
But I wish I had her
I've got the people en masse
The president can't relax
I've got a tiny brochure
A map of the city
I see a girl on the street
and she's oh so pretty

Art can change
But it can't change anything
It only makes them look at you funny
Like your balance isn't brained

There are paintings on the wall
There are shops inside the mall
There's a mirror in the hall
There's a fuck you on the stall
There's a girl I'd like to call
There's a building getting tall
In a town that was so small
That means nothing at all
And the mayor's name was Paul
Before the rise before the fall
of the emperor of Saul
who tried to walk before he crawled